My Books

All my books are published at Kosmos Publishers, (former Cantecleer / Tirion) a publisher based in the Netherlands. Currently my books are only available in Dutch. For more information on translation rights click here.

Art journal school

(available January 2018)

Art journal school, 365 days of drawing and painting, by Marieke Blokland
With Art journal school I wanted to make a book that adds a little more depth into your journals.  After explaining various basic drawing and painting techniques, I teaches you how to be inspired, how to be more productive and how to develop your own style. With short, playful exercises and tips your creativity is stimulated and you can easily write, draw, color and paint every day of the year. My best book so far! 😉

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Art Journaling & Mixed Media


Art Journaling & Mixed Media, ideas for your own art journal, by Marieke Blokland
With Art Journaling & Mixed Media l I wanted to make a book that answers all your questions about art supplies. How to use them, how to mix them and what to make with them. Playing and experimenting with art supplies is just really a lot of fun! 

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Handlettering & Doodles


Handlettering & Doodles is a cute book full with idea's for doodling flowers, dolls, birds and decorating letters.

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Handlettering & Doodles is the revised edition of my book Doodles & Letters that was published in 2015. 

Werkboek Handlettering & Doodles


A fun little workbook full with lettering and doodling assignments!

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Kleur en verf op kaarten en Scraps


Kleur en verf op kaarten en scraps (Color and paint on cards and scraps) Oh my, this book is pretty old for a craft book! I wrote it in a time when scrapbooking was super populair in the Netherlands and card makers shyly started to use copic markers for coloring stamped imagery. Back than I already was quite an art supplies geek and I wanted to teach crafters about using art supplies. I still have the same ambition and I am still very thankful and proud for getting the oppurtuntiy to write books about using art supplies!

Doodles 100% van jou!


Doodles 100% van jou! (Doodles 100% yours!)  Well ain't that cute. My very first book! We were all scrapbooking back than. I was still working as a junior marketeer for a large Dutch Craft retailer. We saw that doodling started to be a huge trend in the American scrapbook market. But how were we going to translate this trend for the Dutch crafter's market? Most people even feared holding something as simple as a pen!

The creative director of the company was sitting around the table with a Dutch publisher of craft books discussing this issue, when I passed her office. She saw me and yelled through the hallway: "MARIEKE! I KNOW WHO SHOULD WRITE THAT BOOK ABOUT DOODLING... YOU! THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU!"

She was absolutely right. I was already the art supplies nerd of the office. I went to art school, occasionaly did some freelance illustration work already and knew the craft market very well.

Ever since I wrote that book I became a Drawing and Painting Evangelist. I 'preach' drawing and painting to as many people as I can, because I know it just adds so much joy into your life.