Let’s jot it down!

Finally Jot! is here! The long awaited launch of my new e-course that will officially start on January 1st 2018. Unofficially it will even start on December 20th, because in this year long  e-course i have added monthly Plan With me lessons in which we will be planning the month ahead of us, so that you will know exactly when to do the lessons.

All About Journaling

Jot! will be All About Journaling and I will teach you about all the things that I loves doing best:

  • doodling
  • illustration
  • water coloring
  • hand lettering
  • graphic design basics
  • pattern design
  • mark making
  • bullet journaling
  • planner stuff
  • printing
  • stamping
  • modern art
  • book binding
  • sketching
  • mixed media art
  • … and of course: art journaling

But most of all Jot  will learn you what we all want:

How to make pretty things quickly and easily!

Fun, uplifting and structured

In Jot we are going to study all of the above, in a fun, uplifting and structured way.

With Jot! you will:

  • enhance creative routines,
  • boost your productivity and
  • develop your own style.

Jot! is be jam packed with:

  • art demonstrations
  • exercises
  • step by step tutorials
  • assignments
  • prompts and
  • artistic challenges

What makes Jot! different from other online art journal courses?

  • Fun and uplifting!
  • A well structured curriculum
  • Clear learning objectives
  • Lots of printables and work sheets to improve your work.
  • Totally doable in any busy schedule,
  • Short, clear and informative lesson video’s
  • Planning the classes together in advance
  • Focus not only one mixed media techniques or drawing, but also on (graphic) design, lettering, illustration and modern art to take your art to the next level
  • All lessons are easy enough for beginners and challenging enough for the advanced
  • Always a ton to learn for you regardless your experience or skill-level

Join Jot! today for only 150,- by clicking here!

Jot will be a year long e-course from January untill December 2018, with a two month summer break in July and August.
Only in 2018 I will run Jot! live with a Facebook  study group. After 2018 Jot will be sold as a stand alone, self study e-course.

10 modules

Jot will consist of 10 modules:

  • Geometric shapes January 2018
  • Dots & stripes February 2018
  • Florals March 2018
  • Print Shoppe April 2018
  • Urban May 2018
  • Story Telling June 2018
  • Collecting September 2018
  • Fonts October 2018
  • Free Expression November 2018
  • Sparkle & shimmer December 2018

Click here for the course calendar:

Click here to download the supplies list:

The classes in each module will differ from week to week, but each module will consist of a selection of the following classes:

  • Art play Experimenting and testing art supplies
  • Binding Easy book binding techniques
  • Design (Graphic) design basics
  • Illustration Drawing, sketching or doodling
  • Journaling Working in our planner, diary, note book or bullet journal
  • Lettering  Typography, calligraphy or hand lettering
  • Self expression Expressive mixed media techniques

Plan with me + printables!

Each month you will also receive a Plan With Me bonus video. The short version of the Plan with me video will also appear for free on YouTube, but you will receive the extended version +  fun printable to decorate your planner or bullet journal to plan the module and lessons for the next month. Is that cool or what!


Each module will be sold separately in the future as well, worth €35,- each, but without the “Plan with me” video’s. Those are really exclusively for those who join Jot 2018. The total value of Jot will therefor be over €350,-

If you join this live round of Jot 2018 you will not pay €350,- but €150,-.

From 2019 Jot! will be offered as a so calles ‘ever green’ art journal e-course for €225,- so this is really your only chance to get it this cheap. 🙂

Purchase Jot! today for only 150,- by clicking here!




With love,
Marieke Blokland


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