Following my heart

After my graduation in 2003 from the Academy of Arts St. Joost in Breda, where I had studied graphic design, I started painting serioulsy. I created painting after painting. I painted a lot. Even had exhibitions! But in 2007 I got pregnant with my daughter and that is when I stopped… I started to focus on my career in marketing and of course my family. I have always continued making art, but I kept it small and worked in my many art journals. Due to the type of work that I was doing in the craft business happy dolls and doodles started to enter in my journals. But this is only a small part of me. I have always felt that there was much, much more in me.

Three years ago, when I started to work full time as an entrepreneur, I finally continued what I had paused 7 years before. Six months ago I decided I finally dared to exhibit my art for the first time and I signed up for this wonderful Brabant Art Fair in the Grand Church (Grote Kerk) in my hometown Breda.

I have to admit that it was scary. I felt vulnerable. But I am proud of myself that I am following my heart and make my dreams come true. I know that my work is not that good just yet. I can do so much better! This feeling is frustrating: knowing that you’re capable of great things, but you’re aware of the fact that you’re not there yet. But I am going for it. I will draw and paint and practice every day. Joining the Brabant Art Fair was a true milestone for me. Now I am so hungry for more!

I hope that while following my heart I am able to inspire you to follow yours.

With love,


With love,
Marieke Blokland


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