I have been using Lunar Black by Daniel Smith a lot lately, as I adore it so much! People who did my ‘Happy Water Colour Course‘ know that I love the bright colors of my Winsor & Newton palet. But there is something so irresistible to the special effects of Daniel Smith water colors. During a workshop last weekend I said to a student that Daniel Smith is actually paint for lazy artists as you have beautiful effects instantly, only by applying it with water on your watercolor paper.



Lunar Black has some unique properties that none of the other blacks of other brands have that I’ve ever used. After applying it to your paper with water, the granulation process begins straight away, leaving a beautiful grainy texture on your page.


Gallery of Art by Marieke Blokland

Below I show you some examples of my work of how I have used Daniel Smith’s Lunar Black.



Stunning effects

This is a close up of how Daniel Smith Lunar Black is used. Drops of pure alcohol from the drugstore were added for stunning effects.

Mixed Media water colour


On the project above I layered a grey background with black polka dots, all in Lunar Black. The rectangle ‘horizon’ underneath is painted with a regular, non-granulating black for contrast. The heads of these dolls are painted with black Indian ink.


Shades of Black

I love to use different shades of black with all sorts of material: lunar black and mars black water colors, but also stamping ink, indian ink, patterned paper, black crayon and black color pencil.


Water & Paper

In my new online workshop “Water & Paper” (available November 18th 2016) I will show you many more idea’s and teach you how to make 4 different projects with this awesome paint. More information about this new workshop will be posted soon!


Watercolor paper

By the way, if you are curious what paper I use… The water color paper I love to use is: Arches, 300 g/m2, cold pressed, 100% cotton, grain fin. This currently is my favorite paper brand.
In conclusion: I hope this inspired you to try this amazing paint for yourself. Let me know how you like this paint. Are you going to try it?

[P.S. This post is NOT sponsored!!!]

With love,
Marieke Blokland


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