Last spring Esther Glas from contacted me with the question if I was interested in designing stamps for her new stamp brand Badass Stamps Studio. “Your style is a perfect fit.” Esther wrote me.  “I am aiming for stamps that are different. Crazy texts, a bit cheeky, quirky, daring.” How could I refuse! I have always been in love with stamps, ever since I was a kid.

Potato stamps

As a child I cut stamps from potatoes. (Remember that!?) And at art school I even found it difficult to choose between graphic design or graphic arts (print making), because I have always adored that moment when you press an object on a paper…. and than all of a sudden you have a reproduction! I still find this magical.

But because I was so busy with my Art Journal Summer School and my new book (Art Journal School), I was not really focused on promoting this new brand and showing you what awesome things you can do with these stamps.

From now on I will try to show you my love for stamping a little more often. I use stamps a lot in my art journals,  especially small graphical symbols and background stamps. 🙂

Exclusive Badass Stamp Membership

Because the stamps are produced in small limited editions you can only get the Badass Stamps with a subscription. Each month you will get a new set delivered to your door, designed by Marlene van Niekerk, Esther Glas or me. For more information on how to subscribe click here.

The stamps are very versatile so you can use them for Art Journaling, Bullet Journaling, Scrapbooking, Card Making, Memory keeping, etc.


These were my sets for August and November. These were limited edition and now sold out! Make sure you do not miss my new sets!

Frequently asked about the membership:

1. Who are the other designers?

Marieke Blokland from, Esther Glas from and Marlene Meijer-van Niekerk from will be the designers for the first years membership.

2. What stamp quality can we expect?

Excellent quality! One Sheet (10x15cm) of  high quality super clear photopolymer stamps, manufactured in the UK. The stamps can be used with any acrylic block.

3. Can we subscribe to only one artists designs?

Sorry, no. The membership is for all 3 artists. Every month you will receive gorgeous stamps, exclusively designed for the Badass Stamp studio members, delivered to your doorstep!

4. What is the cost of international postage?

Only €3,99! What!? Yes! 😀

5. How can I pay?

You can subscribe using paypal.

Become a Badass Stamp Studio
member here today.






With love,
Marieke Blokland


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