Learn how to start your own art journal.

Art journaling is a powerful tool to clear your mind and express yourself in a fun and creative way.

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​  In this free workshop you will learn: 

  • What is art journaling?
  • Easy Background techniques
  • How to use a brayer
  • Mark making
  • Doodling Flowers
  • Doodling dolls
  • Easy collage techniques using gel medium
  • Easy brush lettering technique
  • And more!

 After doing this e-course you will: 

  • ​Know what art journaling is and what it could mean for you.
  • Feel much more confident to keep your own personal art journal.
  • Know enough about the different basic art journaling techniques to start playing and exploring.
  • Feel less insecure about the overwhelming amount of art supplies that are available.
  • Start practicing with an easy brush lettering trick to decorate your own pages with handwritten quotes.
  • Know answers to burning questions like:  Which art supplies to buy first?
  • Feel inspired to go for it!

I am Marieke Blokland a.k.a. Bloknote.nl, a visual artist, illustrator and designer from the Netherlands and I am passionate about art journaling.

What is art journaling? Art journaling is keeping a creative diary in which you stick pretty images, draw, paint, doodle, write, illustrate or make a mess.

Why? Because it is fun!

Plus art journaling is a powerful tool to clear your mind and express yourself artistically.

I have created a free online art journal workshop to teach you fun art techniques to get you started with art journaling. Let me explain you why.

​I am an artist with a mission! I want to inspire creative people from all over the world to start art journaling.

It is my dream that one day keeping a creative diary is as normal as reading a book or going to yoga.

Art journaling trains creative muscles
and it is good for mind and soul.

I honestly believe that people who are able to express themselves visually are happier people. But I discovered that there is a big gap between 'crafts' and 'art'. There are a lot of creative people in the world who love to create. But self-expression is much bigger than just being 'crafty'. 

That is why I love inspiring creative people to lift their creative endeavors from crafts... to art.
Art journaling is the perfect method for living that creative lifestyle you want.

Now you may wonder.... Why is this e-course free? Where is the catch?
Is there some kind of big company behind this who pays for all of this?

Nope. There is no catch.

Of course I do hope that you will like my free course so much that eventually, one day, you will also buy one of my courses at BloknoteAcademy.com. Just being honest here! But other than that, I just really want to inspire people to start art journaling.

Art journaling has  helped me throughout the last 15 years to stay sane in this chaotic world.
Art Journaling has been a fantastic uplifting and fun hobby through the good times,
and it also has been a loyal friend and creative therapist through the bad.

In this free e-course I want
to show you how much fun art journaling can be.

I will give you a basic art supplies list, teach you about using these supplies and how to start making fun arty backgrounds and illustrations in your art journal or sketchbook without any drawing talent or skills.

Download the free supply list here!

This workshop is 100% free.
The only thing I will need from you is your mail-address and your first name so
that I can send you access to the video's and send you tips to start art journaling.

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 Why is it free? 

I believe in the importance of self expression with art supplies.

It is as simple as that. (Oh, and this guide will also save me tons of time replying all those e-mails and Facebook messages, lol!​)​​

The world needs more artists.

Yep. I truly believe that! Artists are observers. Profound thinkers. They are able to visualize an idea, an emotion or a common feeling in a creative way.

If more people would be able to ​express themselves visually, I think we are a step closer to a better world.

More art = a better world

A better world? Aren't you exaggerating a bit? Perhaps I am. But I believe that creating is super important for all humans. We've always done it. If you've ever seen a stunning 30.000 year old cave painting, you know what I mean.

Drawing, playing, creating is inside all of us.

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