Welcome to Day 7 of Bloknote’s Art Journal Advent!

Let’s open box nr. 7 of our Art Journal Advent Calendar. What’s in there…. Another chance to win something! Wow, today it is… a signed copy of my book Art Journaling and Mixed Media (worth €16,99). 😀

Everyone makes just as much chance to win, but… Please note that this book is only available in Dutch, sorry! (So you do not get a free course in Dutch with this book, hehe.) But there are a lot of images in this book anyway, so you’ll probably enjoy it. 🙂

Here is what to do:

Let me know in a funny* comment below why you need my book!

(*Yeah, I know, I am all about the funny comments at the mo. I’m just not in the mood for sad or sweet stories right now. So let’s just send some posstive laughter into the world, whoooop!)

The winner of the gel medium is…

Yesterday’s winner of the gel medium is… Wennie, with this comment! I will mail you later today, Wennie! Congratulations.

This was on my wishlist for sinterklaas, but I got 3 jars of hairgel… Something I never ever use! Sinterklaas even said: it’s gel, it’s matt gel, so why are you not jumping with joy right now? Well… This one is for hair, I wanted gel medium, for paper and artsy stuff… Sinterklaas looked at me as if he saw water on fire!

And with a special shout-out to Pelargonnia who made me laugh out loud once again, haha!

“Liquitex Gel Medium” means “pee” in Swedish! No, just kidding! 😂.

Have fun! XOX

With love,
Marieke Blokland


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