I am quitting my job.

Do you think I am joking? I am not. Allow me to explain.

Two years ago, on February 11th 2014, I heard I was fired. After working for that company for 10 years. (But I am still so thankful it happened to me! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to know I am not dreaming. I am successfully working from my home for two years now and consider myself one of the luckiest people on earth!)

With the good severance package I received when I was fired, I was able to start my online school Bloknote Academy. Three months later, on May 18th 2014, I wrote the following to my e-mail list:

“My big dream came true. My own online mixed media school is now open.”

Besides my online school I also kept working as freelancer, worked a couple of months for KreaDoe, a large dutch craft fair for two years, gave a lot of workshops, wrote two books, made two magazines about colouring, wrote several magazine articles, designed a bunch of logo’s, etc. etc. etc. A lot of different, smaller jobs.

Less than two years later I am forced to make a few difficult decisions. I have been incredibly busy the past two years, but I can not keep on living in this fast pace. It is going too fast. Not good for my health! And my family needs me too. My two beautiful children deserve a lot of attention too.

I gave it a long, good thought and I decided to quit.

I decided that it is time to fully focus on BloknoteAcademy and Art making. And to quit all the small jobs that fritter away the focus on the stuff that is most important to me.

What is most important to me is my husband, my children, my parents, my family and a group of old, dear friends. I think we can all agree that these people are of course always my number one, so I am not even mentioning them here on the list below. With that said….

What is most important to me?

  1. My Art
  2. Your Art

That is it.

I gave it a super long thought. I did not think about this for one evening. Not even a week. It took me months to figure this out. But after thinking and thinking and thinking, I finally knew that all I really want is: make art and make video’s about me making art so that you can learn how to improve yours.

My company Bloknote is growing slowly, but steady. My last workshop called The Happy Water Colour Course was such a succes that you taught me to have faith in my future as an online art teacher. I do not longer need to do other freelance jobs that demand so much of my time.

It was not an easy decision, I can tell you. The past weeks I had to mail and disappoint quite a bunch of people and told them that I was not going to do a job, that I was going to stop or postpone our corporation, etc. I felt like Lady Gaga in this video.

It is not hard to say ‘no’ to things you don’t like. But I had to say ‘no’ to things I did like a lot. And that was super hard.

I have to accept that I can’t do everything. But with every ’No’ I said to all the tasks that blurred my focus on my art and BloknoteAcademy, my YES to YOU and my ART became clearer and clearer. And with every hard ’no’ I thought about YOU.

You, the reader of this blog. You, the liker of my facebook post. You, the student at BloknoteAcademy. You, the YouTube subscriber. YOU, the people who watch and buy my art. I choose YOU.

With love,
Marieke Blokland


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