Embrace your inner monsters!

We all have a dark side, I believe. Everyone feels gloomy, once in a while. What would happen, if instead of fighting our dark side, we embrace it? Or, even express it visually? So that it’s visible for others to see and share. I think we would make beautiful artistic work! Perhaps, we would even turn out to be more humane than we thought.

If we were more profound, and I like to reflect on deeper stuff, one could say that all of our twisted thoughts are often a kind of dark oddities and peculiar creatures. It can be a total mystery to me why I feel down, occasionally. Sometimes, gloomy thoughts can be like nagging little monsters, eating away your energy.

Quirk! method

However, the last thing I want for us all is to wallow in our dreary thoughts. No, that would be awful, please don’t! Let us not wallow, but take action! I’d like to show you how you can embrace your dark side and rough edges, use them in a positive way to make beautiful and more artistic work. You will be able to turn your inner monsters into a parade of drawn monsters and creatures for your art journal, by using the Quirk! method.


No Therapist

Look, I’m no therapist. I’m actually anything but a therapist. If you’re truly in need of psychological support, I’m not the person for you (instead, I would ask you to recommend me a decent therapist, haha!). I am, however, an artistic individual. I’m a real person, someone with profound thoughts, many emotions, ups and downs. Also, occasionally, I battle my own inner monsters. When, about 10-15 years ago, I discovered art journaling, it became my greatest outlet, more than I even considered possible. In the course of time, I’ve grown in expressing myself visually, using paper and different kinds of art supplies. Using crayons, collage, acrylic or watercolours: In my art journals I can express myself freely, play, draw fun stuff, tamper with ugliness … and everything in between. That’s also what I’d love to teach others.


The e-course Quirk! has been designed to treat one of my greatest sources of inspiration every other week. Once in two weeks, I’ll teach you about an artist, show you how I view his work and how it inspires me. The work of all the artists selected carry a dark side. While the work of one artist can be cute and humorous (Quentin Blake), the work of others might be heavier to digest, like a potato dish with much bacon (Francis Bacon).

Developing your own style

Naturally, we’ll also cover used materials and techniques. Also, it’s allowed to carelessly play and mess around with your artist’s materials, I’ll be informing you more about these materials. However, in addition to questions as “Which brand of journals do you use?” and “Why do my journal pages get sticky?”, people most frequently ask me; “How do I develop my own style?”

Personally, I believe that one mainly develops an individual style by studying the work of other artists, not hesitating to imitate or copy, nor be afraid to express your emotions and … by thinking about what it is that you want to express…

If I would sell this course under the title “reflection”, I’m not sure whether it would take off (perhaps, you could think of some people who would be in need of such a course, but that aside!). Reflection becomes more fun once it’s packaged as “Quirk! The art e-course embracing dark oddities & peculiar creatures”.



About the e-course

A short film (about 15-25 minutes) with background information about an artist, a tutorial of the process of creating work inspired by the artist, is part of the package during one week. You can follow this program step by step, through my examples, but you’re also free to do your own thing and put your own spin on it. In the following week, we’ll keep focussing on the same artist, but you will be given an ‘art prompt’. A pdf-file with a specific assignment to inspire and help you along in creating your own artwork.

Quirk! is accessible for both beginners and advanced painters, even children can participate. People with whom you’re living under one roof can, as always, participate free of charge!

Hopefully, I will see you at Quirk! Quirk starts January 6th at http://www.bloknoteacademy.com for €105,- For this price you will receive 10 lesson videos, 10 lesson pdf’s and 10 inspiring art prompts.

With love,
Marieke Blokland


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