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Badass stamps studio

Last spring Esther Glas from contacted me with the question if I was interested in designing stamps for her new stamp brand Badass Stamps Studio. “Your style is a perfect fit.” Esther wrote me.  “I am aiming for stamps that are different. Crazy texts, a bit cheeky, quirky, daring.”…

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I am a Made With Envato winner!

Bloknote is a Made With Envato Winner for January 2017 *Yay!* I have won a prize in the category ‘Audio and Video’ with the Made with Envato competition, with my video ‘Greys and ‘Red’. For years I have been using audio music from Audiojungle, a part of the Envato market place, for…

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Following my heart

Following my heart After my graduation in 2003 from the Academy of Arts St. Joost in Breda, where I had studied graphic design, I started painting serioulsy. I created painting after painting. I painted a lot. Even had exhibitions! But in 2007 I got pregnant with my daughter and that is when I…

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Embrace your inner monsters!

Embrace your inner monsters! We all have a dark side, I believe. Everyone feels gloomy, once in a while. What would happen, if instead of fighting our dark side, we embrace it? Or, even express it visually? So that it’s visible for others to see and share. I think we…

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