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Art Journal TV

Welcome to a new episode of… art journal tv! Hello dear art lovers and friends, How are you? What are you doing? I am curious what you are creating! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog. Finally here is a message from me again. I’m doing fine, actually. Ups and…

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I am a Made With Envato winner!

Bloknote is a Made With Envato Winner for January 2017 *Yay!* I have won a prize in the category ‘Audio and Video’ with the Made with Envato competition, with my video ‘Greys and ‘Red’. For years I have been using audio music from Audiojungle, a part of the Envato market place, for…

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Following my heart

Following my heart After my graduation in 2003 from the Academy of Arts St. Joost in Breda, where I had studied graphic design, I started painting serioulsy. I created painting after painting. I painted a lot. Even had exhibitions! But in 2007 I got pregnant with my daughter and that is when I…

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Follow Me Mixed Medi Painting by Marieke Blokland
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Follow Me

Naked as a newborn Okay. This feel like a huge coming out for me. I don’t know why I am so frightened to share this. But here it is. Here is my soul, naked as a newborn. “Follow Me” Contemporary I have been making a lot of larger more contemporary…

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