Which Art Journal do you use? and What is the best journal or sketchbook for art journaling? are probably the questions that I receive the most.

Well, I am happy to provide you with the answers!


The perfect Art Journal

I may have to disappoint you. Just like the perfect black fineliner or the perfect white opaque marker pen, the perfect art journal only exists in… Lalaland.

But right after perfect comes ‘the best’, which is close to perfect. There is one brand of art journals I keep getting back to. And those are the square, black and chunky journals by Seawhite of Brighton. This is a brand from the UK. It is my favourite journal for art journaling because:

Square, black and chunky!

  • The inside pages are not too thick and not too thin: 140 g/m2.
  • This is a good art journal for most mixed media techniques.
  • Paper is good quality all media / drawing paper.
  • I love that they come in square sizes. I especially love their square 20 x 20 cm journal.
  • They have a super solid sewn binding. Some of the journals I have been using for years and years now and they did not fell apart at all.
  • Chunky books! They carry good amount of pages: 95 sheets, which makes a total of 190 pages.
  • Pretty and solid black cloth cover.
  • They are pretty affordable when you compare them to most other brands.


Of course things are never perfect… Also these Seawhite of Brighton journals have their cons. Personally I don’t fancy how my water colors look on their pages. So for my water coloring I currently prefer to use 300 g/m2 sheets of cold pressed Arches Water Colour paper. (I am really picky when it comes to my art supplies!)

Also Seawhite of Brighton is not available in all countries. You may want to check their list of suppliers here. (Not sponsored.)


My Bloknote Art Journal

The best journal of course is… a pretty journal! How do you like my personalized black art journals? This is actually a color photo, can you believe it?! It is a silver foil print with my logo on it and I am madly in love with it… Keep an eye on my blog and Facebook, as I will be hosting a give-away with these journals soon…

Of course you can also alter your own cover, like I do in this video!

What is your favourite journal?

What is your favourite art journal? And what size art journal do you prefer to use?
Please do let me know in a comment below, as we are all here to learn from each other.

With love,
Marieke Blokland


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