Art Journaling with kids

Share your passion for art and art journaling with your kids, cousins or grand kids!
Here are 12 tips for art journaling with kids. 

Art Journaling with kids according to Marieke Blokland

1. Give them their own art journal! They will be so proud to have their own special journal.

2. Make sure that there is always enough drawing supplies in the house. It does not have to expensive at all, as long as they have easy access to many colors! I myself have a special curver box filled with crayons, pencils, water colors and felt tip markers. Kids love glitter, neons and metallics a lot.

3. Protect a table 24/7. Protect your dinner table or a desk with a plastic table cloth 24/7 and don’t care for it to get dirty! Encourage the kids to play with art supplies at that specific table. Art Journaling with kids = Don’t be afraid of making a mess.

Art with kids

4. Give them their own desk in their own room or in the living room and stock it with drawing supplies! Having their own little space to be creative will encourage them to live a creative life.

5. Give them fun, inspiring assignments if they don’t know what to draw. “Maybe you can draw me a elefish! Or a giraffedog?!”

6. Let them make art! Teach your kids that playing with colors and make lots of blotches is okay. It’s art!  It does not have to be anything. Just call it ‘art’. They will love that. Rather than asking ‘what is that?, you could note: “I see that you’ve used a lot of [name of color]. Is that your favorite color?”

7. Have special drawing mornings or afternoons. I myself often have a drawing morning on Sunday’s. The kids know this and love to join me at the large table in the living room. During summer vacations I do this every afternoon during the siesta hours!

8. Water soluble crayons. Kids love drawing with crayons and playing with water, so water soluble crayons are the best of both worlds.

Kids love glitter, neons and metallics a lot.

9. Teach them decorative doodle-techniques. Kids often think in colors and large shapes. But you can also decorate objects with lots of tiny, colorful polkadots, stars, hearts or swirls.

10. Make and send mail art. Art journaling is something you purely do for yourself, but the fact is that kids love to give their drawings away. So why not encourage them to make some mail art for grandma / aunt / uncle / the neighbors / their best friends. Draw postcards and decorate envelopes. And have them mail their art themselves!

11. Encourage them! Not only by telling them that you love what they do, but also by asking them lots of inspiring questions. They will love the interaction. Ask exciting questions like: What do you think is hidden behind that [object]? And is that a dangerous monster or is it a kind monster? But what does a kind monster look like? Maybe you can draw that too!

Art Journaling with kids = Don’t be afraid of making a mess…

12.Show them your art journals! They will be your greatest fans and supporters and they will love to copy what you do.

Have fun!


With love,
Marieke Blokland


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